TransEuropeCREATE! will deliver a comprehensive scheme of contents designed to train and improve the professional profile of the participants. Top tier music industry professionals will share their best knowledge and knowhow in a series of online actions covering from audio tech specific contents to PR techniques and social media strategies tailored for music promotion; from the legal aspects a musician needs to know when facing contracts and deals to the nature of the rights generated by their creative & performing activity. TEC! aims to provide basic knowledge on music business management, online distribution and product placement but also training in how to improve the songwriting techniques and how to better chase revenue in the everyday more complicated music industry. 
Moreover, we have designed a series of round tables addressing key factors in the independent music industry where most relevant speakers will debate on cultural policy making at European Level, how decisions are made and how different styles of cultural management can evolve in order to thriving in the post COVID 19 scenario. 


Madrid born, 30 years in the industry from Local Artist management in the mid 80s, record label distribution in late 80s (Sub pop, Crypt, Crammed, City Slang, Lookout, etc), joined Robert Grima “La Iguana International” and Iguapop Live concerts promoting company in early 90s, then merging into Gamerco in Barcelona in the 2ks and Live Nation Spain since 2006. PR for Live Nation Madrid, Talent A&R and talent export, Company PR in Spain and overseas as Rep in Music Fairs & festivals. He also runs side projects on LN festivals such as Dcodelab in Dcode and lecturer at Live Nation Live Music Master at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Olivier Arson is a French award-winning composer and producer who also records and  performs as TERRITOIRE. An admirer of the pioneers of concrete music, he works with  experimental instrumentation, electronics and sound, and is regularly inspired by narrative  structures. His output is bold, immersive and transmits an unsettling sense of catharsis. He has performed at festivals such as Sónar, Roadburn or Primavera Sound, and in 2019 his soundtrack for Rodrigo Sorogoyen film The Realm won the Spanish Academy Goya  Award for Best Original Score. 

Anika Mottershaw is the A&R and Project Manager at Bella Union where she has worked for the  past ten years. Anika started at Bella Union after moving to London, dropping out from university  and meeting label founder Simon Raymonde at the gigs she was going to. Not long after this,  Anika became Label Assistant, signing her first artist in 2012. She now works as A&R and is  project manager for about half of the roster, working closely with the Bella Union artists. Outside  of the label Anika is a huge fan of literature and film, and loves to get involved in creative  endeavours as often as possible.

Mark Kitcatt, born in South London in 1964, and there raised. Teenager and music fan in the late 70s and early 80s, he spent all his time and any money he could get hold of in the city’s record shops, grubby music venues, and Selhurst Park. First job in Rough Trade warehouse in 1985 – stayed there until moving to Spain in 1990 – where he has been working since, directing and owning Everlasting Records and Popstock Distribuciones, the eminent Iberian music company with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. Currently President of the Spanish independent labels’ association, UFI, and co-chair of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), Kitcatt resides in the bohemian barrio of Chueca in Madrid with his wife, children and cats.

A&R at Playground Music, the biggest independent music company across all of Scandinavia, focusing on developing acts across a wide range of popular music genres. Patrik has been in the music biz close to 30 years now and was one of the original founders of the company back in 1999. He had a period away from Playground working as a consultant and manager on a local and international level plus doing loads of lectures/panels/workshops locally and worldwide. Patrik was part of the board for both SOM (the umbrella organisation for all indies) and Export Music Sweden during several years. In that role Patrik was instrumental and key in developing the now established Manifest on Tour concept.

Quirin started his career in the music industry as a recording and touring artist before deciding  to fully dedicate his passion to the music business. He holds a bachelor’s degree in ’music  business’ and a master‘s degree in ’music and creative industries’ from Popakademie Baden Württemberg  (University of Popular Music and Music Business) during which he worked on hands-on projects for Red Bull, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Central Europe. In his current position as Head of PR/marketing and label services at Popup Records, Quirin takes care of conceptualizing customized PR- (in the media fields of radio, online, print)  and marketing campaigns for independent artists as well as for national and international clients.


María Rodríguez is a Certified Psychologist, member  AN10460 of Colegio Oficial de Psicología de Andalucía Occidental. After finishing her Psychology degree, she became Gender Equality Advisor and Career Counselor and she has worked for different NGOs and Companies in projects related to Gender Equality and Gender Based Violence among others. She also has worked for a very long time as an adult trainer, incorporating gender perspective into the general scope to all her teachings and using gender lens to analyze the world. As a Feminist and music lover, she applies the female gaze to the music scene. 

Tero Heikkinen is a Helsinki-born and Seville-based composer, producer and mixing engineer. He has composed music for short films, documentaries and modern dance pieces and worked with artists such as Quentin Gas, Palo Alto, Tatin Muriel, Young Forest, Discoteca Fatale and All la Glory. He is part of an electronic music duo called Kindata and he just released his solo debut album as Future Ark on WeAreWolves Records. Tero is an experienced instructor of music technology and synthesis. His sequencers of choice are Logic Pro and Ableton Live. 

Annelie [SWE] is a Gothenburg based artist and producer, constantly trying to push the limits  between sound design and pop music, with the aim to add texture and field recording  atmospheres into the traditional world of synth based pop aesthetics. Annelie works with the  self titled electro ambient pop project ANNELIE along with sound art pieces, with which she has  toured both Europe and Central America and she is also bandleader of the newly established  pop band called Johnny, Johnny. When not playing, writing or arranging music (or sound fields),  Annelie works as a producer and mixing engineer for other artists and bands (Italo Bitches,  Chivvy), and has done several backing vocal arrangements live and in the studio over the last  decade.

Tiago Prata (Lisbon, 89) is a cultural manager and producer specialized in international  cooperation. Based in Sweden but active across European borders. Once a music journalist, he  now works with cities and cultural agents in all creative disciplines to develop  internationalization strategies, implement transnational initiatives, and access European  funding. He also got a masters in cultural management and been invited as a speaker at both  European Creative Hubs Forum and World Arts Summit.

With a trajectory of more than 23 years in the cultural industry, Olga Payar conceives, produces and promotes social, cultural, sporting, technological and inclusive projects, with two fundamental pillars as the basis of its construction: a strong commitment to the empowerment of different groups and the decision to work for the promotion of a process of social transformation that seeks the achievement of a just society in which full equality is an installed and stable reality, all through projects and festivals ARTIVISTAS, where equality is one of the bases of their projects. She is one of the creators of ARN Culture & Business Pride, a project that has led a change of appreciation in the Prides in Spain.

Mario Garcia, born in Seville in 1987, is a music producer, composer, sound engineer, event promoter and singer who has been actively involved in music since 2008 in his own studio, “Legalize Sound”. His experience includes a large number of musical works in different styles and with different projection (works for record labels like Warner Music, film production companies like BBC and RTVE, advertising and TV, sports shows, etc). He is co-founder of the record label specialized in Reggae music “Cool Up Records” and the audio engineer and music producer of the London-based recording studio “Camden Records”.

Andras Bozan Bodrogi worked on various fields of the music and media industry as new media and marketing manager gained an expertise in tech vs. music, rights management and monetization, content marketing and online communication. Currently he is managing the rights-management team of The State51 Conspiracy, a London based music company, helping independent labels and artists in rights management and monetization on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. He is a tutor (JUMP, HEMI), an external consultant and trainer (Google Hungary, YouTube CEE), also a lecturer and trainer of music industry related educational programs, conferences. He is writing and publishing songs under the name BoZaN.

Ellinor Andersson is the acting sales manager at the TTELA Media House in Sweden. After  schooling in digital communication at Jensen Education & Campus she’s been at the TTELA  Media House. Her work is centered about helping companies understand the full potential of  their social media and website and to maximize the output of those sources. Tools of the trade is  to use analysis, data & insights to invest marketing budget in the most coherent way – over all  channels.  Aside of her day job she plays bass in the stoner-doom outfit Electric Hydra who released their  debut album November 2020 on Majestic Mountain Records, which got nominated as Metal of  the Year at the indie award show Manifest in Sweden.

I was born in the years when bombs were thrown around the country.  I started working just before computers feared getting sick with the Millennium Bug.  I don’t like anything and anyone apart from everyone’s freedom. I live between Berlin, Milan and the Apennines.  Until February 2020 I was visiting airports almost everywhere. Since 1999 I have been doing promotion, event production, press office, marketing, booking, tour management, for the last 4 years I have been dedicating myself to the discography of often instrumental music (because there are already too many words around) for the 7k! label (! k7 music group) and management. I like shaping and design artistic paths.  I make videos, photos and art direction.

Producer, keyboardist and dj. She came of age DJing while studying classical piano at the conservatory, and then moved to Barcelona to study modern composition and arrangements at Taller de Musics. She then became one of the city’s most well-regarded musicians playing at Sónar, Primavera Sound, Mutek, MIRA and more. She released her debut solo album ‘Dulce Rendición’ at Paralaxe Editions while working on collaborative projects with Phran (People You May Know) and Darío del Moral under the name Bola de  Desierto. Her work also includes composition for dance and theatre, radio hostess (La Guarida), label owner (Animah records), and music teacher (IED,  The Bass Valley). Actually she is part of Niño de Elche’s touring band.

Musician, anthropologist and psychologist with experience in formal and non-formal learning processes, besides experience in volunteering, NGO and public administration fields. He has been recording, playing drums and touring for more than 20 years with bands and artists like Orthodox, Blooming Látigo, Hidden Forces Trio, Israel Galván, Sputnik Trio, Cristina Hall or Larsen C & The Millennials, among others, and has albums released on multiple labels like Alone Records, Southern Lord, Knockturne Records, Bruce’s Fingers, Raw Tonk or Utech Records. His work also includes being co-owner of Sentencia Records, organizing the free improvisation concert series Ciclo Escondido with other fellow musicians, and drum teaching several students.

I am a DJ, Producer, Music Journalist, Label Manager and Music Business aficionado. I love to do constant research about how the business is built and where are the next opportunities in it so we can take them in advance. Actually I work for Paradise Distribution as Label Manager for Central & South America and regional leader in developing the market for the company in signing independent artists. As a dj i performed in clubs clubs in México such as Montés, Addé, James, Black Condesa, etc

Cecilia Soojeong Yi is formerly known as the executive manager in Zandari Festa, Korea’s premier independent and international showcase festival. In 2018, she co-founded “DMZ Peace Train Music Festival” and now she takes charge of programming, artist communication, and international relationships. In 2021, she expanded her business from live music to the record industry, by founding a new company “ALPS inc.” and its music content agency brand “Flipped Coin Music”. FCM’s services include digital music distribution, licensing, concert promotion for international artists and labels in the Korean market; also the agency represents talented but undiscovered Korean musicians in the global music scene.

Patricia Muñiz is an IP & Music Lawyer and a visual artist, who combines her legal profession with her passion for the fine arts. She studied a double degree in law and business which she complemented with a Masters in Intellectual Property. She has worked for collective management associations such as VEGAP and SGAE, software consulting companies, multinational companies and law firms. Currently she works for the law firm Sympathy for the Lawyer, a law firm hyper specialized in the music industry which covers all what an artist, author, label, promoter or manager may need to work and to boost their business or career.

Inés, aka pintaycolorea vj, started her vjing career in Amsterdan in 2002 as a playfull scape to her Art  directions job.  Soon after she became an active part of the european vj community, participating in numerous festivals  and events (Torino  lm festival, Mapping Geneve, Lunchmeat Praghe, Sonar Barcelona, Venice Biennal…)  and collaborating in the organization of visual performers meetings and events. She opens in 2011, along with Matteo Mastronardi a multidisciplinary design studio in Paris, where she  o ers her experience to all kind of projects. With a restless and curious spirit, she is attracted by light and movement, her work re ects the  uidity of  the moment between colors and shapes.