Open Call


TransEuropeCREATE! is a project about real independent music matters. 

TEC! aims to train emerging european musicians and help them produce and market new music, providing tools and mentoring to maintain their activity after the camp ends.

We are looking for twenty five young -of legal age- independent European emerging artists, with absolute no regard to their gender, background or trajectories. The ideal participant is someone who is a motivated young, independent songwriter, musician or producer with an entrepreneur profile willing to assume the responsibility of their own career, improve their training in the field and commit to it professionally. 


Weird times today, weird times ahead, uncertain yet exciting times when many emerging artists need guidance, counsel and support to navigate the seas they just found themselves in. That is why we created TEC! for you, young, committed European independent artists. So, if you want to ignite your music career creating new music, learning to lead your own project and getting equipped with the tools and resources to become an active music professional, apply now and join us at TransEuropeCREATE!, remember this is a project co funded by the European Commission and application and participation are free of charge. 


Applications for TEC 2021 are now closed!


The decision is made! The TransEuropeCREATE! team has been busy thoughtfully sorting through all the applications to select the 25 European artists from 20 countries that will take part on the first edition of the TEC! Campus until late October. Stay tuned for updates and thanks everyone for your interest on TransEuropeCREATE!