TransEuropeCREATE! is a free online music campus where you will create, produce and release new amazing music with other European emerging artists. This is not a drill and all the actions happening in TEC! aim to get your music released and your professional skills thrusted forward. This is a project designed to give you the tools and the training to become a better independent music professional, by providing the best learning content available designed by top music industry professionals while you create and produce the first songs of your future music career. TransEuropeCREATE! is a co-financed by the European Commission and is part of the preparatory action Music Moves Europe, it is free for you because of this and the work and investment of us the three partners involved, Rocknrolla Producciones (Spain), Estragon Club (Italy) and Westside Music (Sweden)

Rocknrolla Producciones y Eventos Culturales

Bases its activity on the organisation of live music events, showcases, masterclasses, workshops, etc. The company owns the venue SALA X (José Díaz, 7, Seville, Spain) where nearly 18.000 attendants have enjoyed top quality concerts since 2014 (around 250 shows with an average 164 people turn out per show, with a steady increase of affluence up to 7% in 2019 with respect to 2018). Sala X merges both the quality of international and national artists with a consolidated career and local artists and emerging bands.

Westside Music Sweden

Is a small company working with (indie) music businesses and artists fromGothenburg and the region of Västra Götaland. WMS is set up as a platform and incorporates 43 independent partners all active in the indie business. WMS also hosts the international club festival and music conference, Viva Sounds.

Estragon Club

Is one of the most important live music venues in Central Europe, let alone in Italy whereis, with no doubt, the link connecting the most important tours across Europe. Their team, and specially Katia Giampaolo, are known to be among the best professionals in the business and counting on Giampaolo as an asset to the team of TransEuropeCREATE! is key in order to reach mid-European territories.