TransEuropeCREATE! 2021 is the result of a free, online music campus where these upcoming European artists created and produced this new amazing music together from June to November of 2021.

TransEuropeCREATE! is a project co-financed by the European Commission and is part of the preparatory action Music Moves Europe. This is a project by Rocknrolla Producciones (Spain) implemented with Estragon Club (Italy) and Westside Music (Sweden) as partners.

2021 © Rocknrolla Producciones y Eventos Culturales SL
2021 (P) Rocknrolla Producciones y Eventos Culturales SL

Released November 15, 2021

All songs in this album were written, recorded, mixed and mastered by the TransEuropeCREATE! participants.

01. Viaggare (Nòe, Alexandros)
02. Escape from the Nebula (Ana Element, Waterflower)
03. Nide (Vasilis).
04. Fungi (Celias’s Sensitive, Himalayan Dalai Lama, VRGN)
05. Janus (Gülay Erol, Alexandros)
06. Stone to Glass (Ana Element, Light Dreams, Waterflower)
07. I Am Sad that I’m Human (Celias’s Sensitive, Himalayan Dalai Lama, VRGN)
08. Exit or Exist (Gülay Erol, Sébastien Nouat)
09. Awakening (Ana Element, Light Dreams, Waterflower)
10. No Turning Back (Celias’s Sensitive, Himalayan Dalai Lama, VRGN)
11. Flowers (Ana Element, Waterflower, Duck Chagall)
12. Les Vagues (Alexandros, Gülay Erol, Sébastien Nouat)
13. Whats’s Next (Ana Element, Waterflower)
14. Too Late (Bara Karin, Nòe)
15. See You Never (Ana Element, Light Dreams, Waterflower)
16. Time (Ana Element, Light Dreams, Waterflower)
17. Take Off (Ana Element, Light Dreams, Waterflower)
18. UFOs (Alexandros, Bara Karin, Sébastien Nouat)
19. Genes (Alexandros, Bara Karin).
20. Unfollow (Alexandros, Bara Karin).



Alexandros Papaefthymiou is a music producer, sound engineer, and musician, born near Parthenon some years before the new millennia. He produces music because it’s the most special experience he can offer to his audience. He enjoys creating music with a lot of melodic elements and rich emotions that make the mind travel. He released electronic music tracks in different genres, such as melodic techno and organic house. Alexandros took violin and piano classes from an early age. At the conservatory, he played with classical music youth orchestras and was a choir member. Reaching adulthood and being influenced by electronic music, he wanted to create his music using a computer.

          ANA ELEMENT

Ana shown an interest in music and poetry since she was old enough to show interest in anything. Her first instrument was the clarinet, she received piano lessons for a few years and she learnt guitar on her own. Nowadays, Ana is a songwriter, producer, and sound engineer from Seville. Lyrics happen to be the most important for Ana. In Spanish as well as in English, she describes her feelings in the most honest possible way.The styles she finds herself more comfortable with are indie, rock and electronic music, but she likes getting out of her comfort zone and working alongside all kinds of producers, as she did in the European program “TEC”. She also writes soundtracks for audiovisual projects she’s involved with as a sound designer, as well. 

             BARA KARIN

With lyrics about millennials, toxic men and how to cope with them, Bara Karin has been described as a singing therapist for women. Her last album ”I changed my voice for you” included both songs and spoken word that people use as a calming voice when trying to fall asleep, thinking about their exes. Bara Karin continues to experiment with her voice, as less is not always more. Her new album “Just one swipe away” has been described as space pop with “a breath of fresh air in a diversity devoid landscape of sterilized sameness.” The album is to be released 2022 and tells stories about sex trafficking, domestic violence and the porn industry. One of the songs, “Pornstar”, has been picked up for sync, but had to be instrumental due to the provocative title. 


As an introspective and highly sensitive person, Celia a.k.a Celia’s Sensitive finds meaning and peace in music. Since she was a child, she has had the urge to express her own emotions and thoughts because they felt difficult to tackle if she kept them inside of herself. Therefore, she has always used creating music as a cathartic experience. Currently, she is working on her debut EP, in which she rawly explains how she addresses the different phases of falling in love. Not only from a sincere and familiar perspective but also a place of self-criticism. Intimacy, vulnerability and relatability are what mainly characterise her work. Celia’s Sensitive approaches the process of making music without prejudice, aiming to achieve a pure and honest outcome so the audience can easily find themselves in her art.

GÜLAY EROL (Robot for friends)

Robots4Friends are a heavy indie/alternative rock band based in Copenhagen. We combine heavy and groovy sing-along melodies with soaring female vocals, funky basslines and strong drum beats. We describe our songs as ‘catchy, powerful and melodic, with a twist of the familiar’. Lead  singer Gülay Erol has a natural talent for connecting with the crowd and getting them to sing  along, even when they don’t know the words! Since releasing our music on Spotify in 2020, Robots 4 Friends have attracted an average of  1200 monthly listeners.  We are actively looking for live shows to play while releasing singles from the arsenal of  completed songs we record regularly.


Himalayan Dalai Lama are representatives of instrumental electronic music, which in their case is defined by dream synthesizer surfaces and dance beats. They used the experience from the first tour to create their debut album, which was released in 2016 under the name LAMA, and earned them a nomination for the Anděl Award. Himalayan Dalai Lama have performed dozens of concerts throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including major festivals such as Grape, Rock for People and Beseda u Bigbítu. The pair works closely with the Brno National Theater, which chose the song Hayashi from the album Isolated Bonds as part of their new brand video for 2021.


          LIGHT DREAMS

Light Dreams is a musical band Duo of two musicians Alexander Sky and Olga Kubyk, one of the three best representatives of the Ukrainian electronic chillout scene. “Faces of Nature” was the first EP album of the band, and the songs “Rain” and “Wind” from this album, have long been in the TOP 40 of some European and American radio stations in the categories Ambient/Chillout. In 2016, Light Dreams becomes a Duo, changing its sound towards of light dancing chillout / downtempo style, successfully manifesting itself at such major festivals as Koktebel Jazz Festival, Atlas Weekend, Gogol Fest and Vibronica Music Festival. In 2018, the band released a mini album “Time for Spring”, which receives positive feedback from listeners and music critics.


Nòe is a Sicilian songwriter, who moved to Milan to follow her music dreams. Her music project started in 2016 with the publishing of a self produced EP. Busking all around Italy she arrived to sing in important venues and she’s been spotted to participate in Xfactor in 2018. Her music project has been in continuous change and evolution since the beginning, starting from acoustic pop and leading to an unique musical melting pot, infused with electronic beats, synths and folkloristic references like bowed instruments, brass and classical guitars. Her music is like a therapeutic session, she sings about current and close thematics, like being a woman in the society, homesickness, anxiety and fears. Her next album, put in hold by the pandemic, will be published in 2022.


Sébastien Nouat is a sound designer, ambient musician based in Reykjavík, Iceland. His solo project Wazy Lizard focuses on creating long-lasting ethereal soundscapes, somewhat raw, playful and deeply-relaxing at the same time – a glimpse of the Icelandic nature. Guitar, flutes, clarinet, cymbals, percussions or throat singing are amongst the tools that he uses to colour his sonic worlds. He has so far led around 25 relaxed improvisations sessions to support creative activities and quite a few recurrent ambient-yoga classes over the last 2 years in Reykjavík. He recently started a weekly streaming event mixing live drawing and live music on Twitch (SebAndMani), and is co-founding the soon-to-come film and video music production company S33N SOUND.


Vasilis was born and raised in Tripoli (Arcadia), Greece in 1996. His first contact with music was at the early age of 8 when he started studying classical piano and got a degree in music harmony. Then he continued his studies with theory & harmony of jazz and jazz piano. The fact that Vasilis started at very young age playing in gigs and live performances made him fall deeply in love with music and arts˙ first as a pianist and then as a keyboard player he began to travel through sounds and feeling the impact of them on people hearts. As he grew up he started to love combining classical and electronic music together. So, at the age of 19, Vasilis, started his exciting journey in electronic music with live performances and shows that contained video art, modern dance, other intruments (violin, cello, guitar) and various forms of arts.


Brimming with curiosity and passion for electronic music, Virginia aka VRGN (pronounced Virgin) took her first steps as an electronic music artist in 2018, to simply express herself through music. Within that time VRGN has already performed as a DJ in some of the biggest venues in the Greek scene such as Gazi Music Hall, Steam, six d.o.g.s, 01 Athens, Sodade2, and more, sharing the decks with both Greek DJs and international ones. Aside from gigs VRGN is also advocating for gender equality in the music scene. She is chapter director of Athens and along with DJ Fo, she is in charge of #HER Project, a local initiative dedicated to empowering gender minorities in the electronic music scene. As part of #HER, she performed at the first edition of Sónar festival in Athens (2019), she has collaborated with Athens Pride on a livestreamed DJ set at SNFCC (2020), and performed at World Pride 2021 in Malmö, Sweden.


Waterflower is the alter-ego of artistic polymath Sabine Moore. Challenging normality and exploring femininity within electronic music, Waterflower creates unique, conceptual avant-pop that could equally be exhibited in an art gallery, or discovered at an underground club. She uses plants as both a keyboard (connected to synthesizers) and as midi generators – transforming the plant’s bio-data into music. Her latest album, Balta Gaisma is a step towards pop-music. While not leaving her experimental leanings behind, she embraces 21st Century pop, exploring the cadences of Hyper-pop and PC Music. These songs range from the haunting Dawning to the guitar heavy Chemtrail, via the LGBTQA+ positive message of Find It! and Palm vs Palm – a track composed with capacitive synths attached to plants. It was nominated for two Zelta Mikrofons 2021 awards: Best Experimental Music Album and Best Album Design.