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What is TEC!

TransEuropeCREATE! is a free online music campus where you will create, produce and release new amazing music with other European emerging artists. This is not a drill and all the actions happening in TEC! aim to get your music released and your professional skills thrusted forward. This is a project designed to give you the tools and the training to become a better independent music professional, by providing the best learning content available designed by top music industry professionals while you create and produce the first songs of your future music career.

Who is in the backstage?

This is a project designed and directed by Rocknrolla Producciones and implemented by a team with Estragon Club and Westside Music Sweden. TransEuropeCREATE! is co-funded by the European Union under the preparatory action Music Moves Europe: Co-creation and Co-production Schemes for the Music Sector.

Rocknrolla Producciones (Seville, Spain) is dedicated to promoting live music and music industry events and designing and implementing Cultural Industry related projects.

Estragon Club (Bolonia, Italy) is one of the most important live music venues in Central Europe, let alone in Italy where is, with no doubt, the link connecting the most important tours across Europe.

Westside Music Sweden (Gothenburg, Sweden) is a small company working with (indie) music businesses and artists from Gothenburg and the region of Västra Götaland. The company is set up as a platform and incorporates 43 independent partners, all active in the indie business, and also hosts the international club festival and music conference, Viva Sounds.

Who can be in TEC!?

We are looking for twenty five young -of legal age- independent European emerging artists, with absolute no regard to their gender, background or trajectories as long as they have at least 20’ of original music published to their names or projects and they are under no legal obligations with major music companies whatsoever. The ideal participant is someone who is a motivated young, independent songwriter, musician or producer with an entrepreneur profile willing to assume the responsibility of their own career, improve their training in the field and commit to it professionally.

How does TEC! work?

TransEuropeCREATE! happens online during approximately six months after the open call is closed and the artists are selected. During this period of time, the participants will create and produce a set of original songs in groups, whether it is from scratch or developing previous ideas.

Participants will compose, arrange, record, mix and master their music working online from their own home studios and, while they do so, attend to a set of online sessions where most prominent music professionals will deliver keynotes, masterclasses and workshops on subjects ranging from how to set the home studio up for maximum efficiency to how to best distribute your music in 2021.The implementation completes by making the produced music available to the public via the TEC! distribution network.

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